My QTH Stribro, Czech Republic


The town of Stribro is a small place of about 8000 souls but it has a rich and long history - the first written notice about the royal mining town Mzea (original medieval name of Stribro) is from 1183. The name of Stribro means silver in Czech as silver and later zinc and plumb ores were mined in the town's neighbourhood. The town is  located in the western part of Bohemia about 120 km south-west-west to Prague at slopes of a beautiful canyon of the Mze river. The altitude of town varies from about 380m to 470m a.s.l. The town is an important administrative, cultural  and industrial center of its area. The ham radio has a long history in Stribro - the first ham radio society was founded in 1964 (still exists as OK1KUW radio club).

Stribro is located exactly at 13 00' 00" East to Greenwich and the city spreads over four grid squares - JN69LS, JN69MS, JN69LR and JN69MR


More pages of the town in Czech language are here and here.

Location of Stribro at the map of Czech Republic
Map of  QTH

Low hills around the town from - a view from my antenna tower
Stribro 1

Our street - a view to north-west from my antenna tower
Stribro 4

The historical centre of the town at the hillside upon the river
Stribro 5