80m - 40m - 20m - 10m - FD4
FD4 inverted vee

FD4 - 4:1 feedpoint in 10m - balun and ferrrite-bead choke detail
FD4 feedpoint

FD4 - end PTFE insulator detail
FD4 insulator

 15m - 4 element DK7ZB yagi (28 Ohm)
15m 4 element DK7ZB

15m antenna - detail of home-made mast trolley with Yaesu G-650C rotator
15m trolley

OK6MA painting the main antenna tower in September 2008
(boxes and dish are part of wireless internet service  - my friend's OK3RM business)
OK6MA painter

Detail of main bearing of antenna mast - 60mm inner diameter and fixing of telescopic ant rod
Antenna bearing

Detail of main main  antenna mast rotator - a modified industrial drive actuator
Antenna rotator

Is ham radio really a wireless communication??
Cables to shack