About Operator



Marek OK6MA

photo by OK1WMR




Once yearly every early spring since 1973




Yes - one wife, one daughter, one son (enough)




Graduated in Electronics and Communications + English





First industrial control programming, then sales,

now project manager - trolleybus production in SKODA


Ham career (licensing):

1995 - OK1IZE   " D class " CEPT 2


1997 - OK1TRM " C class " CEPT 2


2003                  " B class " CEPT 1


2005                  " A class " CEPT 1

2008 - OK6MA             




Marek OK6MA

photo by my wife

Favourite Bands of Operation:

 20m, 15m, 2m
Favourite Modes of Operation:  PHONE, RTTY
Favourite Activities:  ham equipment building, HF and VHF contesting


OK6MA story


How did I get to become a ham radio operator?


I studied electronics in the University of West Bohemia in my native town of Plzen, a world's famous beer city, where I met Petr OK1XGL who introduced me to the world of ham radio in the university club OK1KUK - my first experience was a VHF FM repeater operation. I was amazed by the combïnation of my favourite technology and  (for most folks a mysterious one) way of communication "on the air". For you, younger friends, back in early nineties a cell phone was a suitcase sized box with  a price of about 6 engineer's monthly incomes in Czech ......... so I started to learn Q-codes, ham abbreviations and preficces to pass my D-class license. In November 1995 I got my first license OK1IZE - a VHF only and power restricted one (no Morse please....)


Soon on the repeaters I found new friends and was invited to a local club OK1KRQ - a VHF contest station. I remember with nostalgy the great years when we were visiting the hills tops to get best results in VHF bands contesting - we won the Czech VHF championships several times. Many thanks to all my friends from OK1KRQ, especially Roman, OK7SM (ex OK1XST) and Dan OK1XDF for revealing the spirits of contests and team work to me.


In 1997 I was convinced by Pavel OK1DRQ to apply for a HF restricted exam for Class C, as every "right" ham operates in HF with Morse code  (Morse code 8 wpm - Poor me!) ....... I was lucky to pass the tests and was allowed to some HF bands. I also received new call OK1TRM. Surprisingly, I did some 300 QSO in CW.....


In 1999 I moved about 35km west to my current place of residence Stribro, an old mining town (Stribro means silver in Czech). I inherited an old house and started a neverending reconstruction - roof first, antenna tower second :-)), then windows, water pipes, doors, central heating ......still not finished. Local club OK1KUW adopted me soon.


In Stribro I met Zdenek OK3RM (ex OK1XUV), an excellent technician and operator who just started to build new HF constest station OL7R. Zdenek and other guys around him formed my future into HF operations, antennas, big antennas, even bigger antennas, high power, higher power, more power, even more power. I was a member of HF contest team OL7R since 2001.


In 2003 I passed a final exam for Class B (CEPT 1) with 16 wpm Morse code test and unrestricted band access - my strong motivation was that 20m band in prohibited for C class holdeds. After this test I decided to abandon CW for some longer time as I really do not find anything beautiful in this mode. I work only phone and RTTY since then. Maybe I will return to CW one day.


In 2005 the laws changed in Czech Republic cancelling Morse code exams and gathering all old A to D classes to one A class and introducing new N - Novice - class. The same laws have brought an extensive freedom to callsign policy. Forgotten was the OK1 for Bohemia, OK2 for Moravia etc.... Everyone of A class can chose own favourite call if it is free.


In 2008, after expiration of my OK1TRM license I decided for a shorter call OK6MA.  Somewhere around this period I became the main operator of OK1KUW team.

In 2010 OL7R site and antenna farm was repeatedly attacked by homeless alluminium and copper "collectors" who devastated the QTH and its equipment. The damage and loss exceeded the financial ability of most of the members to recover and OL7R team decided to disband.

2011 - 2012 I spent by sporadic contesting on HF under my own call and on VHF under OK1KUW team (OK6MA, OK6RA, sometimes OK3VM, guest OK1IC) 

Since 2013 I am member of Radio club OK1OUE (contest call OK7O).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        73! Marek OK6MA