QSL Info


I do not automatically send a paper QSL card for every QSO (unless requested during the QSO) 

I reply to all received QSL cards (direct by direct, bureau by bureau). I traditionally print and dispatch my QSL cards once a year during Christmass holiday - thank you for patience.


QSL via OK QSL bureau

If you want to send cards to the Czech Radio Club's QSL bureau, there is the address:


            QSL sluzba CRK

            P.O.Box 69

            113 69 Praha           

            Czech Republic


QSL direct


QSL received direct will be answered per returnPlease send your direct QSL cards to my address if you want my QSL soon


            Marek Rottenborn

            Tr. 5. kvetna 615

            349 01 Stribro               

            Czech Republic


Please send direct QSL only with a SASE - 1 IRC or 2.00 US Dollars. Direct QSLs without proper SASE will be replied via bureau only !


Please send your QSL via eQSL.cc !!


I am an eQSL.cc user with Authenticity Guaranteed status and I am interested in the e-QSL.cc awards.

I will be pleased to receive your eQSL and will do my best to upload my log regularly.